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1. Fights and Romance always begin with some sort of tension between two people or parties.
2. They circle each other finding out their strengths and weaknesses.
3. They punch,kick and claw, tear at each others clothes, caress each others naughty bits.
4. One person gets over on the other with a twist. Flipped over, wrong way in, uses a special weapon that seems unbeatable.
5. All hope is lost, can our hero submit to such pleasures or absolute defeat?
6. Digging down,letting go all inhibitions, holding on for dear life, submitting, fighting the unbearable pain, giving into pleasure, reaching out with your very last breath and striking your enemy down, releasing.
7. Laying in each others arms, glowing in the shameless aftermath of passion. Standing on the battle field looking over fallen enemies and comrades alike, triumphant.

They are very much the same. Ladies and Gentlemen the 7 point…

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