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You are not imagining things. Mary is actually writing a blog post. I’m sorry it has been so long. Hope you’re still around to read this sneak peek into Heartbreak’s Reward. I don’t talk much about Jase and Brenna, the hero and heroine here. Of course, Jase is introduced in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, but I’m writing this as a standalone book—same as Cowboy Boss.

Coming Early September

Double Dutch ranch series: love at first sight #2 Peek

Set-up: Brenna is new in town. She’s been having a hard time finding her way around.

Here we go:

smallShe no sooner got near the entrance and the tall cowboy came out through the door. His face lit with a big smile. “Wow, good timing,” she said.

Jase gave her a nod. “Hi there, Brenna Page. I see you made it all on your own.”

“I didn’t know…

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