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You had me at chili…and Mr. Knightley. Mr. Knightley eating chili? Sorry, what was I writing about, oh yes, this engaging restructuring of Jane Austen’s Emmaby Mary Jane Hathaway.

Sometimes I like adaptations of Jane Austen, sometimes I don’t. This one is lovely.

Modern day.
Southern United States.
Caroline and Brooks have been friends since childhood.
Caroline has returned home to care for her mother. Brooks listens to her, cares about her, he’s hot, kind, chivalrous, smart, funny, rich, and brings her chili-slaw dogs to brighten her terrible day…why can’t she stop friendzoning him?
This is just one in the Jane Austen Takes The South series, but it made me want to read more.
Here’s the yummy part, the author borrowed from Ms. Austen, but then added her own touches to spice things up.

1emma18I don’t eat hot…

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