just bad timing

3:42 a.m. “Hey!” “Hi, what’s going on?” “Not much, you sleepin’?” “Well, yes I was. What’s going on?” “Nothing, I just wanted to see what you were doing, hear you voice. I wanna see you.” “I wanna see you too…” “Oh but you were sleeping, you sound so cute, groggy like that.” “You want to see me now? What’s up, did you go out?” “Yeah, we went out drinking. I’m downtown… It’s probably too late, you can’t come get me. That would be inappropriate…” *I grunted.* “Oh but you sound so cute, I need to see you.” “Well, it is inappropriate, but I’m up now. Are your friends with you, are guys stranded?” “Yeah, but we can get a cab, like…” “No, it’s fine. I’ll be there in 20.”

I got up, put my sweatpants and my reading glasses on. I was ecstatic. He booty-called me. He wanted to see…

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